• Programming Languages: C#, C++, lua, gml, html, CSS, SQL
• Agile Scrum development workflow knowledge
• 3D and pseudo3D math and collisions
• Unity, Roblox, Pico8, Gamemaker Engines
• Audio: Terminology; Music composition; Midi controllers and trackers: sunvox, ableton live
• Art: Blender, Aseprite, Krita, Gimp, Photoshop

Team oriented projects at Becker College – Agile Scrum development process
ReWired: (Unity 3D first person puzzle) Winter 2019 – Summer 2019
• level and mechanic design
Psyfun: (Unity 3D with sprites) Fall 2018 – Spring 2020
• Programmer: AI, smooth camera angle locking, trajectory visuals
• Art lead: Kept art team working in similar style. Created pixel art character animations, swords, crates, particles
• Audio: Composed loop-able chiptune soundtracks and SFX
Wave Chamber: Multiplayer Roblox game focused on player made content (floor data is edit/savable) to keep players engaged. Includes lobby system, hammer/effects stores and game modes.
Released games across gamejolt, itch and google play platforms
Showcased games at PAX East for 3 years (ReWired, BDR, CatchingZs)
Asset selling: IK rig 3d models, gml tree branch physics, gml pseudo3d IK spider

Freelance Collaboration with Toby Fox and Chip Tanaka Spring 2020 – Summer 2020
• Programmed swimming scenes, dancing characters and kissing faces

Becker College, Worcester, MA Spring 2018 – Fall 2018
Teacher’s Assistant (TA)
• Assisted Professor Lepsky in several courses: Computer Programming, Systems and Architecture and Data Structures
• Graded assignments, tests and quizzes and helped to answer questions from students

Becker’s MSPaint Jam
Global Game Jam Tucson AZ 2017, Worcester MA 2018, 2019, 2020
Participation in multiple Ludum Dare 38-42, 45 & 47
Civil Air Patrol Aug 2007 Encampment

Becker College, Worcester, MA Spring 2020
Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media Design, Concentration in Game Development and Programming
Awards & Recognition: Deans list (Spring 2019)

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